Our First Off The Shelf Wood Product For Homebrewers

Homebrew Beer Box

Side View

Some of the best original products come from solving problems. We think our Homebrew Beer Box solves several problems for Homebrewers.

Light. The cause of skunk beer. While the Homebrew Beer Box is not %100 light free, we’re confident that we’re very close.

Moisture. In order to find a dark storage place Homebrewers often have to exchange it for a damp or sometimes even wet space. Since all of our bottles whether we buy them or recycle them come from cardboard boxes, we use cardboard boxes for our storage. At one time or another most Homebrewers have lost a number of great beers because the bottom of a cardboard box fell out. The Homebrew Beer Box is made from moisture resistant hardwood plywood and raises the bottom more than 2″ off the floor.

Space.  Not everyone has the luxury of having enough floor space for their Homebrew Beer.  The Homebrew Beer Box solves that problem by making it easier and safer to stack than typical cardboard boxes.

Lack of uniformity. 12 ounce bottles come in all sorts of shapes and somehow we Homebrewers get them all.  All the different size boxes makes storage more difficult and dangerous. Any shape of a 12 ounce beer bottle fits in the Homebrew Beer Box which means easy stacking with uniform dimensions of boxes.

Appearance. For some reason not everyone appreciates the raw beauty of beer lagering or bottle conditioning in those deteriorating cardboard boxes. Or those piles of empty bottles we see as potential some see as simply a mess. The Homebrew Beer Box is beautiful in it’s raw wood form, but it also makes a great canvas for all kinds of artwork or finish.  Soon, we’ll be looking for artists to submit proposals for their art to be presented on our boxes. Maybe we’ll get our boxes out of the basement, the garage, the shed into the living and family rooms.

Safety. Most Homebrewers I know have had a batch of “bottle bombs”. It happens to the best of us.  While not designed to do so, it turns out that the Homebrew Beer Box does a pretty good job of containing glass shards in cases of explosions or being dropped.

Transporting.  Again, back to those cardboard boxes. I’ve had them tear out in the store just trying to get to the checkout. They weren’t designed for the long term, let’s put it that way. The Homebrew Beer Box has nylon rope for handles that will never rip and dump your prize beer. The hardwood dividers we use will also keep your beers from banging together and breaking during transport.

Simplicity. Not everyone has the time, tools, knowledge and access to the materials to build something like this. Even competing products are a pain to assemble. The Homebrew Beer Box only requires 8 bolts with wingnuts meaning no tools required. (we’ll have a video up soon).

We created this product to solve our problems with managing filled and unfilled bottles.  We hope others that share our problem will share our solution.  We have a lot more ideas to come, including different configurations of beer boxes to address different type, sizes and quantities.  Our unique method of assembling products, offers many uses that we will bring to you soon.

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