Help Build My Wheelchair Accessible Woodworking Shop

Bob-Paris-200I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign at . It’s an all or nothing campaign, or in other words what Indiegogo calls Fixed Funding. That means that if I don’t attain my goal of $50,000 by September 1 2014, all contributions are returned. I’m confident that I can reach this goal. I’m offering a variety of great perks, with a wide appeal to many individuals and companies. Sixteen different perks are offered for as little as $5 or as much as $1000. I really need all the support I can get though. In addition to your monetary support, you can help by printing and sharing this with your friends, family, local Breweries, Brew Pubs, Homebrew Supply Stores, Homebrew Clubs, Veteran Organizations, organizations for the disabled and of course all of your online networks.

To jump start the campaign I’ve created three Super Perks that are only good for the first 8 days. They will be discontinued at midnight Friday August 8th.

1) A customized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener. $25
This bottle opener uses recycled wood from pallets. It includes mounting hardware, opener and cap catcher. It’s custom carved with your provided picture or other design. Ideal gift for the beer lover in your life.

2) A customized All Wood Six Pack carrier. $50
This six pack carrier is solid wood with plywood dividers to protect the bottles from banging into each other and possibly breaking. It includes a slide out top and natural Hemp rope carrying handle. It’s custom carved with your provided picture or other design on both ends. Great for homebrewers to take their brews to share with others.

3) Five Customized Wood Flight Paddles. $100
They’re custom carved with your provided picture or other design, fit for four samples with specified size of glass. (glasses not included) Great for Breweries, Brew Pub, Homebrew supply stores or Homebrew Clubs.

Get these and other perks right now here: .

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