Homebrew Beer Box

Side View

Side View

As Homebrewers we spend hours researching ingredients for our latest creation. Carefully combining them at precise intervals and amounts. We make sure all of the equipment is sanitized and fermenting vessels are kept at the ideal temperature for the right amount of time. Then we carefully transfer our brew to bottles to condition.

Then, after all that time, money and loving care, we put the bottles in cardboard boxes that may be wet and torn, open to light and dust. Most of us, at one time or another, have a disaster of “bottle bombs” or the bottom fall out of one of those boxes when moving them.

Then of course there is the problem of managing all of those empties waiting for the next batch.

Our brew deserves better care. The Homebrew Beer Box Solution

  • Sturdy, light weight and stackable.
  • Rope handles for easy carrying. No worries about cardboard cut outs as handles to carry.
  • Fits any shape of 12oz bottles. End problem of different sized boxes in storage.
  • Tight fitting lid to keep out light and dust.
  • Will contain glass shards in case of disaster.
  • No tools needed for assembly.
  • Breaks down easily for cleaning or storage when not in use.
  • Moisture resistant wood
  • Unfinished wood can be painted, stained, varnished or left unfinished

$50.00 plus S&H